2018 Scholarship Recipients


Meet our Recipients

LQ3A2077 Leydi Agustin
LQ3A2016 Christopher Amaro
LQ3A2082 Elsy Guzman
LQ3A2076 Yarely Guzman
LQ3A2074 Karla Hernandez Navarro
LQ3A2069 Lee Hernandez Gomez
LQ3A2068 Lesly Hernandez
LQ3A2063 Angel Hernandez
LQ3A2051 Thi Huyhn
LQ3A2079 Weiping Huang
LQ3A2056 Cynthia Jimenez
LQ3A2058 Huang Le
LQ3A2048 Jiaying Li
LQ3A2018 Yingyin Li
LQ3A2053 Jocelyn Lombera
LQ3A2046 Sabrina Lynch
LQ3A2041 Waiying Lam
LQ3A2034 Jose Mendoza
LQ3A2037 Elisabeth Ocampo
LQ3A2014 Yajaira Orozco
LQ3A2032 Andres Mejia Perez
LQ3A2026 Rafael Pacheco-Mora
LQ3A2024 Maria Rodriquez
LQ3A2021 Mayra Velasquez

LQ3A2020 Eduardo Zamora
LQ3A2059 Karool Graciano
LQ3A2062 Kimberly Galindo
LQ3A2039 Moises Correo
LQ3A2062 Patricia Corona
LQ3A2062 Jessica Sierra Ornelas

2018 Scholarship Application

2018 BAGSF Scholarships Application Requirements

BAGSF provides financial support to low-income, underserved and underrepresented students who are pursuing a college education. Additionally undocumented students are encouraged to apply.

Yearly, BAGSF awards thirty scholarships of $2,000; two of the thirty recipients who display community involvement and who excel academically will receive an additional $1,000. BAGSF is open to high school seniors expected to graduate in spring 2018, high school graduates, GED recipients, and students currently attending college. Each year, new and past applicants can apply using the most current year’s application.


• Financial need
• Academic achievement
• Community involvement: between June 2017- May 30, 2018 students must complete 25 volunteer hours at one or more community organizations
• Minimum 2.5 weighted GPA
• Reside in the counties of San Francisco, San Mateo, or Santa Clara
• College applicant: must be enrolling or attending college in the fall 2018
• High school applicant: must be graduating in the 2017-2018 academic year
• Returning student applicant: (including those who did not go directly from high school to college and those who took a break before college graduation) must be enrolling or attending college in fall 2018


All BAGSF recipients are required to:
• Attend Student Rehearsal Day: Scholarship recipients receive instructions for the 12th Anniversary Recognition & Fundraiser Dinner and meet our founder, and board members. Date: Saturday June 9, 2018.
• Attend 12th Anniversary Recognition & Fundraiser Dinner: Scholarship recipients are recognized and each will personally receive a scholarship check.
Date: Saturday July 21, 2018.
(If not present for these two events SCHOLARSHIP will NOT be given!)
• Complete volunteer form: provided by BAGSF
• Volunteer 5 hours for BAGSF
• Complete two BAGSF progress reports each scholarship year.

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BAGSF Videos

2017 Scholarship Recipients Video

2016 Scholarship Recipients Video

2015 Scholarship Recipients Video


2017 Recipients


Xavier McNelly

Meet our Recipients

LQ3A2077 Alina Rai
LQ3A2016 Guadalupe Razo-Diaz
LQ3A2082 Miguel Coto
LQ3A2076 Janah May Oclaman
LQ3A2074 Yesenia Gutierrez
LQ3A2069 Jiayong Chen
LQ3A2068 Laura Arceo-Madriz
LQ3A2063 Estrella Ureña Cuevas
LQ3A2051 Jessica Robles-Diaz
LQ3A2079 Christopher Amaro
LQ3A2056 Emily Nunez-Rosario
LQ3A2058 Eduardo Zamora Castellanos
LQ3A2048 Citlalli Contreras Sandoval
LQ3A2018 Yuliana Virrueta Morales
LQ3A2053 Karla Hernandez Navarro
LQ3A2046 Christoph Zepeda
LQ3A2041 Anmolpreet Kaur
LQ3A2034 Fengting Liu
LQ3A2037 Tian Xiang Ma
LQ3A2014 Tsion Irenso
LQ3A2032 Angela Li
LQ3A2026 Haolin Zhu
LQ3A2024 Maura Granados Garcia
LQ3A2021 Alejandro Garcia Martinez

LQ3A2020 Alondra Arreola Lozano
LQ3A2059 Joselyn Arteaga Silva
LQ3A2062 Moises Correa
LQ3A2039 Darcy Woo

Saturday, July 8th (5pm) Recognition Dinner and Fundraiser

In 2006, BAGSF awarded its’ first scholarships to students from the Bay Area where a large immigrant community resides and seeks higher education but lacks financial resources. The lack of financial resources combined with social isolation pose a barrier to many young people who must juggle family, work, and school.
Our founder, Catalino Tapia realized scholarships would greatly help relieve the financial pressures associated for youth pursuing a higher education.
To date, we have awarded 202 scholarships to deserving students fulfilling their dreams of attending a college or university of their choice. Many of these recipients are now professionals contributing back to the community. We currently have one recipient on the board of directors of the Bay Area Gardeners Scholarship Foundation (BAGSF).
In 2017, BAGSF will award scholarships of $2,000 to thirty recipients. Two of the thirty recipients who display exceptional community involvement and academic achievement will receive an additional $1,000. These scholarships are open to high school seniors expected to graduate in the spring of 2017, high school graduates, GED recipients, and students already enrolled in a college or university. Our scholarships are renewable but applicants will need to apply each year using the most current scholarship application.

Feel free to purchase tickets by clicking on the following link:
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2017 Scholarship Fundraising Campaign Kick Off!

We are kicking off this campaign to give donors like yourselves the opportunity to help the Bay Area Gardeners Scholarship Foundation (BAGSF). Our mission to provide scholarships to deserving low-income students in the pursuit of fulfilling their higher educational goals and in most cases the first in their family to further their studies beyond high school.

BAGSF celebrates its 11th Anniversary this year. To date we have awarded a total of 202 scholarships to deserving students. We have begun our 2017 fundraising campaign to ensure each student selected will receive a scholarship for $2,000. In 2016, the Board decided to provide Chromebooks to all the recipients in addition to the scholarship moving forward.

You have an opportunity to make a huge difference in the life of a student. These students have studied hard to get where they are today and are now ready to go to the next level of pursuing a college degree in a special area of interest that they feel passionate about.

BAGSF motto is Motivate, Encourage, and Invest in our future leaders!



2016 Recipients


Wei Sandy Ch
Jing Huan
Carlos Marcia Valle
Alina Rai
Emely Sandoval

Meet our Recipients

LQ3A1569 Karla Hernandez
LQ3A1573 Sara Amiri
LQ3A1579 Brianna Rosales
LQ3A1586Genaro Solorio
LQ3A1583Abby De los Reyes
LQ3A1592Carla Garcia
LQ3A1612Farah Hakim
LQ3A1618Nayelly Albiter
LQ3A1605Jeniffer Guerrero Sandoval
LQ3A1601Ana Trerino
LQ3A1595Gabriela Flores Medina
LQ3A1621Marina Herrera
LQ3A1626Janah May Oclaman
LQ3A1630Deisy Lara Alvarez
LQ3A1634Khang Le
LQ3A1638Lizbeth Leon
LQ3A1657Jennifer Paulino
LQ3A1652Diana Molina
LQ3A1650Abigail Lopez Ramirez
LQ3A1643Julie Lin
LQ3A1641Crystal Liang
LQ3A1663Erick Perez Moralez
LQ3A1666Karla Vazquez
LQ3A1671Jessica Robles-Diaz
LQ3A1675Vanessa Murillo
LQ3A1678Edgar Sanchez Lopez

Latino Community Foundation grants $9000 to Bay Area Gardeners Scholarship Foundation

Thank you for joining us for our 11th Annual Gala, Inspiring Philanthropy con Sabor Latino. What an incredible and unforgettable evening!

Thanks to you we had a record number of guests, with nearly 600 people, and raised $632,000 – the largest sum in the history of the gala. Above all else, I was so inspired and moved by the love, joy, and enthusiasm expressed and shared throughout the night. The entire evening was bursting with energy and excitement about the work of the Latino Community Foundation (LCF), our grantees, and our partners.

Our guest of honor, Darren Walker, and our 2016 awardees, Maricela Gutierrez and Catalino Tapia, embodied the heart and soul of LCF and reflected the critical role each of one of us can play to ensure a more equitable future for Latinos in California. I am so grateful for their leadership and unwavering commitment!
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2015-06-28 18.32.31

10th Annual Student Recognition Dinner and Fundraiser for Saturday July 9th

You are cordially invited to our 10th Annual Student Recognition Dinner and Fundraiser Saturday, July 9th, at Lucie Stern Community Center, 1305 Middlefield Road, San Carlos CA 94301.
Dinner: 5pm

Feel like supporting our cause? Great!
Even the smallest donation can make a difference!

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